I love this front page …

The stories. The visuals. The headlines. Today’s front page totally illustrates what Ken Brusic told me on my very first day at the Register a year ago: “We are the nation’s largest community newspaper." 


This front page also shows another of the Register’s strategies: Not just being the "paper of record,” but in specifically being the “paper of interesting.”

The whole paper was strong and definitely filled with lots of interesting stuff today.

Really great health and business sections. Very good local section. Super informative and practical weekend guide section. And a cool sports story the revisits some of our famous Orange County Olympians, one year after they kicked tailfeathers in London.


How big was today’s Orange County Register?

Well, that depends a little on where you live in the county. The main paper was seven sections with 90 pages. But I live in Anaheim, so my edition of the Register also included this morning’s Anaheim Bulletin, one of our weekly papers, which was 24 pages.



So, I guess my local OC Register was either 90 pages or 114 pages, depending on how you count them.


How does that compare with other newspapers this morning?

New York Times – 60 pages.

Wall Street Journal – 42 pages.

Washington Post – 48 pages, plus 28 tabloid-sized pages in the “Living Local” section that is delivered with the Thursday paper.

Detroit Free Press – 56 pages, plus 24 tabloid-sized pages in a weekend entertainment preview section. (The Freep is home delivered three days a week, and today’s paper is one of the home-delivery papers.)

Seattle Times – 30 pages.

Kansas City Star – 26 pages, plus 32 tabloid-sized pages in a weekend “Preview” section.

Los Angeles Times – 50 pages.

San Diego U-T – 42 pages, plus 36 tabloid-sized pages in the weekend entertainment section.

Long Beach Press-Telegram – 30 pages.

(Some of these page totals were from papers I counted, and others were given to me by friends throughout the newspaper industry.)

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