125 years of Orange County from Sunday’s OC Register

On Sunday, June 29, the OC Register ran a cool package on 125 years of Orange County.

Here’s what it looked like:

And here’s a closer look at each page of the doubletruck:

If you’d like to see this package online – or really just read it in a format easier than these screenshots of print pages – here’s the link:



So many people worked on this cool package and did some amazing work.

Here’s who:

Package editor: Steve Green; lead reporter: Erika Ritchie; A1 page designer: Joey Santos; doubletruck visual journalist: Scott L. Brown; photographers: Cindy Yamanaka, Christine Cotter and Matt Masin; photo editor: Michele Cardon; senior editors: Bill Diepenbrock and Gene Harbrecht; copy desk: Joe Taylor, Brian Van Hook and Maryanne Dell; and Sunday editor: David Whiting.

Over the next few weeks, more stories about the history of Orange County and its cities will appear in the Register’s weekly community newspapers.

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