Roanoke Times makes great point with ad for editor …

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of I think the new-media team behind that site is smart, creative and builds websites the way that the Internet really works, instead of how many newspaper publishers wish the Internet worked.

This morning, I became a fan of The Roanoke Times — the newspaper that helps power — and the reason is an employment ad that was posted on the site for the newspaper’s vacant executive editor position.

Here is the link to that ad.

Dan Wheeler, director of digital media at The Roanoke Times, wrote me that when the newspaper recently lost its editor to another publication, it was not only a blow to the newspaper, but to the website. As Dan put it in his e-mail to me, the former editor “was instrumental in pushing our online efforts here in Roanoke. Now we are looking for more of the same.”

Which is what I think is the genius behind this posting for the top newsroom job at this organization. Before an applicant even makes the trip to Roanoke, that person will know that new media is an important part of this job.

I mean, even the publisher appears in one of the little video vignettes for the job. That shows the commitment runs to the top.

I love it.

And once again, the folks at have made my day.

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