Whitaker interviewed by Jarvis

I know I said my next blog post was going to include some of the behind-the-scenes information and strategies for our team’s new “onBeing” project on washingtonpost.com, but I just received this link to something interesting and I want to share it.

Here is an interview by Jeff Jarvis with Mark Whitaker.

Mark and I both joined Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive at about the same time. And one of the very first projects that our team was asked to be a part of here at WPNI is something that Mark was the brains behind.

I probably shouldn’t talk much about that particular project right now, other than to say it’s something very different than what we normally work on, and I think it will be pretty damn cool when it’s launched … as well as pretty damn popular once people find out about it.

My first impressions of Mark are that he has a ton of great ideas, is really thoughtful, and that I’m betting he comes up with lots and lots of cool stuff in his new role as Vice President of Finding and/or Dreaming Up Cool Things That Help The Washington Post Company Grow Audience and Revenue. (Or something to that effect.)

I can tell you that when our team first started working with him, we all were a little awe-struck! Here was the longtime editor of Newsweek — a guy who’s from Harvard and Oxford, with all of these awards that suggest you never want to face him in any sort of trivia game, and here we were a bunch of nerds from Kansas.

But he’s an extremely down-to-earth guy who even though he’s smarter than a human should be, he doesn’t go around and correct your grammar all day. He’s just a good guy, as this interview with Jarvis will show.

One more thought: As someone noted in the comments section of Jarvis’ blog, I really liked seeing Jeff conduct interviews like this on his blog. And though I’m not suggesting he should abandon his long-time format, I do think these video interviews were a nice treat, and Jarvis is definitely good at them.

I’d love to see more of them from time-to-time.

And I promise, the next post will be about “onBeing.”

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