Today’s Irvine World News was pretty incredible

The Orange County Register’s daily newspaper for Irvine is the Irvine World News. (I’ve written a lot about the transformation of our Irvine paper in previous posts, if you’re interested.)

Today’s paper was notable because it was the biggest edition of the Irvine World News since it became a daily – 40 pages! Unless you count the spadias. If you do that, it was a 46-page paper. 

But that’s not why I wanted to write something quick about today’s edition.

Please check out this centerpiece package by Michael Katz on youth sports injuries, with amazing design from Chris Lusk.

Irvine World News editors Paul Danison and Jeff Rowe – along with OCR community design editor Helayne Perry – are masters at telling stories using much more than just text and photos. This package shows this perfectly.

Here is the front page:


Here is the first page of the story:


And here are a few detail shots:



And here is the second page of the package:


And here is a detail shot from that page:


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