Looking for interns for the Fall

This is basically a re-post of a blog that I wrote last Spring, and the reason for the re-post is simple: We’re looking for a few talented interns to join our team for the Fall and through the Winter.


Greenspun Interactive is looking for interns who want to get real-world, practical experience with coverage of local news and business, and entertainment (yes, that means The Strip, the celebrity side of Las Vegas and our city’s crazy club scene).

What does that really mean? It means we’re looking for at least a couple of people to help us on the news side of lasvegassun.com, as well as a versatile journalist to help us with all of the cool things happening over on lasvegasweekly.com.

We want solid journalists who can write their backsides off and who aren’t afraid of multimedia or working directly with a fairly sophisticated content management system (or CMS, as the kids love to call this sort of software).


Let me answer a few basic questions about these internships:

* How long do these internships last? A minimum of roughly three months and up to nine months.

* Are they paid internships? Yes. But just barely. You aren’t going to get rich. But you’ll definitely be able to get by.

* Am I going to have to fetch coffee? No.

* Am I going to have to do some data-entry? Yes, just like the full-timers on our staff have to do.

* Am I going to work harder than I ever have at any other point in my life? Likely.

* What skills do I need? You need to be able to write your tailfeathers off, and generally be the most self-motivated student in your J-school. We want to hear from applicants who have taken the initiative to learn more — even if that “more” only consists of basic audio-editing skills, basic video-editing skills, basic HTML knowledge, at least some knowledge of Internet journalism, maintaining a blog, etc.

During our intern interviews, we always hear something like this: “I can write, but I don’t really know anything about Web journalism. I really think this internship would help teach me those skills.”

Well, teaching new skills is wonderful and we love to do it, but in 2009, we want students who have learned (and in many cases, taught themselves) at least some skills related to new-media journalism. If all you can do is write — which is a hugely important skill to our team — then you probably aren’t interested enough in the type of journalism that we practice at lasvegassun.com and lasvegasweekly.com to have learned other things needed to be a part of our news organization.

And you probably aren’t the kind of self-motivated student we’re looking for.

* Am I going to use a real content management system, work with multimedia, as well as do a bunch of other nerdy news things that will likely make me the most employable member of my graduating class? Definitely.

* Do I need a car? Yes. Your work will take you all around the Las Vegas Valley, and our community’s public transportation isn’t going to be enough to get you where you will need to go.

To apply, please click here.

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