Are you a nerd and, if so, would you like to work at a kick-ass news organization?

It looks like 2009 will be a game-changing year for local news organizations around the nation.

The Las Vegas Sun and Greenspun Interactive are going into the new year with our eyes wide open, and — as one of the most innovative publishers I ever worked for used to say — a plan to drive with our brights on.

Big things are in the works here in Las Vegas and we’re looking for folks who would like to be a part of what we’re doing.

We will be posting several jobs over the next few months — some for full-time new-media journalists and lots for paid internships — but our most pressing needs are for web developers. Bad-ass web developers.

Here’s what we’re looking for:


The Basics:

Greenspun Interactive is seeking senior-level web designers and developers for our flagship product,

Applicants must have an impeccable eye for news design, both for the overall look of the site and daily special sections.

But we need more than a good eye and Photoshop comps. We need a designer/developer who eats, sleeps and shits valid XHTML, CSS and JavaScript, and has a basic knowledge of server-side web development. Applicants must be able to design, build, test and integrate features/sites into our Django-based CMS quickly, sometimes in only a few minutes.

We’re a newspaper and have to respond at the pace of news.

The Details:

* 4+ years of Web design, preferably for a media company.
* Expert knowledge of semantic XHTML and CSS.
* 1 year of basic server-side web development, ideally in a Linux or Unix environment with Python/Django, but any dynamic language will do.
* A portfolio that blows our socks off.

A huge plus:
* Working knowledge of Flash/AS3.
* Working knowledge of data exchange formats, most notably XML, RSS and JSON.
* Experience in a newsroom and associated skills: news deadlines; accuracy; journalism ethics and basic understanding of media law.

And just so you know:
* You have to have a killer work ethic. If that needs to be explained, then please don’t bother to apply. At least not with us.

We’re looking for people who have a passion for all of this and what it stands for.

For us, success means a fully functional, dynamic site in just hours from conception.


We offer competitive pay, our benefits kick ass, and our work environment rocks. (In fact, you aren’t going to believe our offices.)

More importantly, if you come to Las Vegas, you’ll get to practice great local journalism with folks who love to come to work every day and who are honestly excited about the future of our industry.

Plus, you can drink all the free Red Bull you could possibly ingest. And you’re never going to be bored. Ever. I promise.

If this sounds good, please contact our HR folks at this e-mail address:

Or send me an e-mail.

Or e-mail us both. In fact, make sure to e-mail us both.


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