Team Vegas is adding a few good news nerds

Sorry for the lack of posts over the last few months. Things have been crazy busy and crazy cool here at the Las Vegas Sun and Greenspun Interactive, and my attention has been on the tasks at hand for our team … as well as moving the Curley family to the desert.

We’ve got a lot of really cool projects cooking right now, and I’m hoping to post a few things over the new few weeks and months to discuss not only how we built them, but why.

But that’s not why I’m writing today.

We’re now in the process of making the last few hires on our team as we head into the fall, and I figured I’d mention some of those openings on this blog. If anybody out there is interested in working with our new-media team, we’d love to hear from you!

We’re looking for folks who want to work hard, have fun and try to figure out what the future of local journalism might look like.


New-media journalist

We’re looking for someone who can juggle all types of content and content mediums on deadline assignments. One day you’ll be shooting breaking news photos and sending Web updates from the scene, the next day creating a Soundslide feature on a local music festival, the next day shooting video of a political rally for the presidential election.

You’ll also be writing your backside off, so strong writing skills are a must.


New-media sports journalist

For this position, we’re looking for a great writer who can help us cover the local high school and rec-sports scenes with breaking news, daily features and game stories. We’d also like for this person to help us put together and maintain a network of local sports bloggers.

If you’ve ever seen one of our team’s local sports sites, you know we love local sports statistical databases, and we’re expecting this position to help us put together these sorts of features for the new site.

And you have to have not just a willingness but be excited to work with multimedia, such as producing and editing audio podcasts, and possibly shooting and editing a little video, but also be completely cool with appearing on camera.


Visual journalist (still photography and video)

So, why add a still shooter to our web staff?

Because of the nature of the Joint Operating Agreement here in Las Vegas and how The Sun print newspaper basically now functions as a daily magazine, there are many things we feel our new-media team needs to cover as a news organization that the Sun newspaper newsroom no longer covers (such as high school sports and UNLV sports), as well as stuff the Sun just wouldn’t cover on a regular basis, such as red-carpets, etc …

We don’t want to send an intern. We want to send someone with proven skills.

We also want someone who totally rocks at lighting and is good at fashion/portraits photography. And then there’s breaking news stuff that is becoming our bread-and-butter.

And, oh yeah, there’s this thing involving moving pictures, I think it’s called video, that we think might have an interesting role in new-media journalism.


Video/multimedia journalist

We’re basically looking for a kick-ass videographer who shoots well and knows how to edit his/her butt off. And do all of that on deadline on a daily basis.


Video journalist/on-camera

Folks applying for this position should have great on-camera reporting skills and the ability to effortlessly go between serious news presentation and edgier entertainment-driven stories. Applicants need to be fluent in multimedia reporting — including writing copy, operating camera and audio equipment and producing video from non-linear editing software.

You’re going to need to be able to meet daily deadlines, work independently, have familiarity with web video and audio, and experience
with producing media in a digital environment — meaning familiarity with non-linear editing tools such as Final Cut Pro or Premiere.
We’re looking for someone who is equally at ease working both as part of a team and independently.


Web-applications developer

For the most part, I pretty much just winged those last few descriptions. I’m not going to do that with this position. Here’s what our uber-smart senior-programmer dude, Doug Twyman, wrote:

Greenspun Interactive is now hiring a Web Application Developer to design and develop features for media publications and take part in conceptualizing, designing and developing applications. Applicants should be highly organized with experience in a team programming environment and computer-science fundamentals. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python and Django are a must.

Especially that Python and Django part. (I added that last part.)


So let me cut to the chase: We offer pretty dang competitive pay, our benefits kick ass, and our work environment rocks. (In fact, you aren’t going to believe our offices.)

More importantly, if you come to Las Vegas, you’ll get to practice great local journalism with folks who love to come to work every day and who are honestly excited about the future of our industry.

Plus, you can drink all the free Red Bull you could possibly ingest. And you’re never going to be bored. Ever. I promise.

If this sounds good, please contact our HR folks at this e-mail address:

Or send me an e-mail.

Or e-mail us both.

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