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Over the last few weeks, I’ve been watching the PBS Frontline series called “News War.”

It’s been fascinating to me on several levels. After each episode, it’s been interesting — and highly enjoyable — to talk with my colleagues (both at WPNI and at The Washington Post) about their thoughts on the series.

At least from my point of view, this show should be required viewing for every J-School student in the country, or anyone who is thinking about going into journalism.

Granted, few journalists will ever have to go through the things that the first two episodes dealt with (namely high-level use of confidential sources and the relationship between journalists and the government), but the shows still talk about things that need to be discussed by even journalists at the smallest news organizations.

Last night’s episode focused on new media’s relationship with journalism, as well as lots on all that is going on at the Los Angeles Times.

Near the end of the 90-minute show, it talked some about what’s going on at washingtonpost.com in regards to new media and hyper-local journalism.

For that segment, washingtonpost.com executive editor Jim Brady and I were interviewed.

Doing that interview was not the most enjoyable thing I’ve ever done.

One of the show’s main producers, Lowell Bergman, did the interview. Bergman is a former producer and big shot at “60 Minutes,” and there were times during my discussion with him that I felt like I was on 60 Minutes.

Plus, when I did this interview, I had only been with Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive for a few months, and I was more than a little stressed that I would say something really stupid that would get me canned.

Anyway, it all turned out OK, I guess.

If you missed any of this Frontline series, you can see it here. Last night’s show can be seen by clicking on the “Part Three” tab.

To see the segment about hyper-local journalism and washingtonpost.com, click on the “Part Three” tab, then click on chapter 23.

There also is a transcript of Bergman’s interview with me. That can be found here.

I’m really looking forward to next week’s final installment of this series.

And, to be honest, I can’t wait to get to work today. It’s time for our industry to get out there and kick some ass.

This isn’t the time to be dreaming of past glory days.

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